Genesis 49:5-7

  5 H8095 Simeon H3878 and Levi H251 are brothers; H3627 instruments H2555 of cruelty H4380 are in their habitations.
  6 H5315 O my soul, H935 come H5475 not you into their secret; H6951 to their assembly, H3519 my honor, H3161 be not you united: H639 for in their anger H2026 they slew H376 a man, H7522 and in their self-will H6131 they dig H6131 down H7794 a wall.
  7 H779 Cursed H639 be their anger, H5794 for it was fierce; H5678 and their wrath, H7185 for it was cruel: H2505 I will divide H3290 them in Jacob, H6327 and scatter H3478 them in Israel.