Genesis 38:16-18

  16 H5186 And he turned H1870 to her by the way, H559 and said, H3051 Go H4994 to, I pray H935 you, let me come H3045 in to you; (for he knew H3618 not that she was his daughter H3618 in law. H559 ) And she said, H4100 What H5414 will you give H935 me, that you may come in to me?
  17 H559 And he said, H7971 I will send H1423 you a kid H6629 from the flock. H559 And she said, H5414 Will you give H6162 me a pledge, H5704 till H7971 you send it?
  18 H559 And he said, H834 What H6162 pledge H5414 shall I give H559 you? And she said, H2368 Your signet, H6616 and your bracelets, H4294 and your staff H3027 that is in your hand. H5414 And he gave H935 it her, and came H2029 in to her, and she conceived by him.