Genesis 20

  1 H85 And Abraham H5265 journeyed H8033 from there H5045 toward the south H776 country, H3427 and dwelled H996 between H6946 Kadesh H7793 and Shur, H1481 and sojourned H1642 in Gerar.
  2 H85 And Abraham H559 said H8283 of Sarah H802 his wife, H269 She is my sister: H40 and Abimelech H4428 king H1642 of Gerar H7971 sent, H3947 and took H8283 Sarah.
  3 H430 But God H935 came H40 to Abimelech H2472 in a dream H3915 by night, H559 and said H2009 to him, Behold, H4191 you are but a dead H802 man, for the woman H834 which H3947 you have taken; H1167 for she is a man’s H1166 wife.
  4 H40 But Abimelech H7126 had not come H7126 near H559 her: and he said, H136 LORD, H2026 will you slay H1571 also H6662 a righteous H1471 nation?
  5 H559 Said H269 he not to me, She is my sister? H1571 and she, even H559 she herself said, H251 He is my brother: H8537 in the integrity H3824 of my heart H5356 and innocence H3709 of my hands H6213 have I done H2063 this.
  6 H430 And God H559 said H2472 to him in a dream, H1571 Yes, H3045 I know H6213 that you did H2063 this H8537 in the integrity H3824 of your heart; H1571 for I also H2820 withheld H2398 you from sinning H5921 against me: therefore H3651 H5414 suffered H5060 I you not to touch her.
  7 H6258 Now H7725 therefore restore H376 the man H802 his wife; H5030 for he is a prophet, H6419 and he shall pray H2421 for you, and you shall live: H518 and if H7725 you restore H3045 her not, know H3588 you that you shall surely H4191 die, H3605 you, and all that are yours.
  8 H40 Therefore Abimelech H7925 rose H7925 early H1242 in the morning, H7121 and called H3605 all H5650 his servants, H1696 and told H3605 all H428 these H1697 things H241 in their ears: H582 and the men H3966 were sore H3372 afraid.
  9 H40 Then Abimelech H7121 called H85 Abraham, H559 and said H4100 to him, What H6213 have you done H4100 to us? and what H2398 have I offended H935 you, that you have brought H5921 on H5921 me and on H4467 my kingdom H1419 a great H2401 sin? H6213 you have done H4639 deeds H6213 to me that ought not to be done.
  10 H40 And Abimelech H559 said H85 to Abraham, H4100 What H7200 saw H6213 you, that you have done H2088 this H1697 thing?
  11 H85 And Abraham H559 said, H3588 Because H559 I thought, H7535 Surely H3374 the fear H430 of God H2088 is not in this H4725 place; H2026 and they will slay H802 me for my wife’s H1697 sake.
  12 H1571 And yet H546 indeed H269 she is my sister; H1323 she is the daughter H1 of my father, H1323 but not the daughter H517 of my mother; H1961 and she became H802 my wife.
  13 H1961 And it came H834 to pass, when H430 God H8582 caused me to wander H1 from my father’s H1004 house, H559 that I said H2088 to her, This H2617 is your kindness H834 which H6213 you shall show H413 to me; at H3605 every H4725 place H834 where H8033 H935 we shall come, H559 say H251 of me, He is my brother.
  14 H40 And Abimelech H3947 took H6629 sheep, H1241 and oxen, H5650 and menservants, H8198 and womenservants, H5414 and gave H85 them to Abraham, H7725 and restored H8283 him Sarah H802 his wife.
  15 H40 And Abimelech H559 said, H2009 Behold, H776 my land H6440 is before H3427 you: dwell H2896 where it pleases H5869 you.
  16 H8283 And to Sarah H559 he said, H2009 Behold, H5414 I have given H251 your brother H505 a thousand H3701 pieces of silver: H2009 behold, H3682 he is to you a covering H5869 of the eyes, H3605 to all H3605 that are with you, and with all H3198 other: thus she was reproved.
  17 H85 So Abraham H6419 prayed H430 to God: H430 and God H7495 healed H40 Abimelech, H802 and his wife, H519 and his maidservants; H3205 and they bore children.
  18 H3068 For the LORD H6113 had fast closed H3605 up all H7358 the wombs H1004 of the house H40 of Abimelech, H5921 because H1697 H8283 of Sarah H85 Abraham’s H802 wife.