Ezra 3

  1 H7637 And when the seventh H2320 month H5060 was come, H1121 and the children H3478 of Israel H5892 were in the cities, H5971 the people H622 gathered H259 themselves together as one H376 man H3389 to Jerusalem.
  2 H6965 Then stood H3442 up Jeshua H1121 the son H3136 of Jozadak, H251 and his brothers H3548 the priests, H2216 and Zerubbabel H1121 the son H7597 of Shealtiel, H251 and his brothers, H1129 and built H4196 the altar H430 of the God H3478 of Israel, H5927 to offer H5930 burnt H5921 offerings thereon, H3789 as it is written H8451 in the law H4872 of Moses H376 the man H430 of God.
  3 H3559 And they set H4196 the altar H4350 on his bases; H367 for fear H5971 was on them because of the people H776 of those countries: H5927 and they offered H5930 burnt H5921 offerings thereon H3068 to the LORD, H5930 even burnt H1242 offerings morning H6153 and evening.
  4 H6213 They kept H2282 also the feast H5521 of tabernacles, H3789 as it is written, H3117 and offered the daily H5930 burnt H4557 offerings by number, H4941 according to the custom, H1697 as the duty H3117 of every day H3117 required;
  5 H310 And afterward H3651 H8548 offered the continual H5930 burnt H2320 offering, both of the new H2320 moons, H3605 and of all H4150 the set H4150 feasts H3068 of the LORD H6942 that were consecrated, H3605 and of every H5068 one that willingly H5068 offered H5071 a freewill H3068 offering to the LORD.
  6 H259 From the first H3117 day H7637 of the seventh H2320 month H2490 began H5927 they to offer H5930 burnt H3068 offerings to the LORD. H3245 But the foundation H1964 of the temple H3068 of the LORD was not yet laid.
  7 H5414 They gave H3701 money H2672 also to the masons, H2796 and to the carpenters; H3978 and meat, H4960 and drink, H8081 and oil, H6722 to them of Zidon, H6876 and to them of Tyre, H935 to bring H730 cedar H6086 trees H3844 from Lebanon H3220 to the sea H3305 of Joppa, H7558 according to the grant H3566 that they had of Cyrus H4428 king H6539 of Persia.
  8 H8145 Now in the second H8141 year H935 of their coming H1004 to the house H430 of God H3389 at Jerusalem, H8145 in the second H2320 month, H2490 began H2216 Zerubbabel H1121 the son H7597 of Shealtiel, H3442 and Jeshua H1121 the son H3136 of Jozadak, H7605 and the remnant H251 of their brothers H3548 the priests H3881 and the Levites, H3605 and all H935 they that were come H7628 out of the captivity H3389 to Jerusalem; H5975 and appointed H3881 the Levites, H6242 from twenty H8141 years H1121 old H4605 and upward, H5329 to set H5921 forward H4399 the work H1004 of the house H3068 of the LORD.
  9 H5975 Then stood H3442 Jeshua H1121 with his sons H251 and his brothers, H6934 Kadmiel H1121 and his sons, H1121 the sons H3063 of Judah, H259 together, H5329 to set H5921 forward H6213 the workmen H4399 H1004 in the house H430 of God: H1121 the sons H2582 of Henadad, H1121 with their sons H251 and their brothers H3881 the Levites.
  10 H1129 And when the builders H3245 laid the foundation H1964 of the temple H3068 of the LORD, H5975 they set H3548 the priests H3847 in their apparel H2689 with trumpets, H3881 and the Levites H1121 the sons H623 of Asaph H4700 with cymbals, H1984 to praise H3068 the LORD, H5921 after H3027 the ordinance H1732 of David H4428 king H3478 of Israel.
  11 H6030 And they sang H1984 together by course in praising H3034 and giving thanks H3068 to the LORD; H3588 because H2896 he is good, H2617 for his mercy H5769 endures for ever H5921 toward H3478 Israel. H3605 And all H5971 the people H7321 shouted H1419 with a great H8643 shout, H1984 when they praised H3068 the LORD, H5921 because H3245 the foundation H1004 of the house H3068 of the LORD was laid.
  12 H7227 But many H3548 of the priests H3881 and Levites H7218 and chief H1 of the fathers, H2204 who were ancient H7200 men, that had seen H7223 the first H1004 house, H3245 when the foundation H2088 of this H1004 house H6440 was laid before H5870 their eyes, H1058 wept H1419 with a loud H6963 voice; H7227 and many H8643 shouted H7311 aloud H1419 H8057 for joy:
  13 H5971 So that the people H5234 could not discern H6963 the noise H8643 of the shout H8057 of joy H6963 from the noise H1065 of the weeping H5971 of the people: H5971 for the people H7321 shouted H1419 with a loud H8643 shout, H6963 and the noise H8085 was heard H7350 afar off.
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