Ezekiel 4:1-17

  1 H1121 You also, son H120 of man, H3947 take H3843 you a tile, H5414 and lay H6440 it before H2710 you, and portray H5892 on it the city, H853 even H3389 Jerusalem:
  2 H5414 And lay H4692 siege H5921 against H1129 it, and build H1785 a fort H5921 against H8210 it, and cast H5550 a mount H5921 against H5414 it; set H4264 the camp H5921 also against H7760 it, and set H3733 battering rams H5921 against H5439 it round about.
  3 H3947 Moreover take H1270 you to you an iron H4227 pan, H5414 and set H7023 it for a wall H1270 of iron H996 between H5892 you and the city: H3559 and set H6440 your face H413 against H4692 it, and it shall be besieged, H6696 and you shall lay siege H5921 against H1931 it. This H226 shall be a sign H1004 to the house H3478 of Israel.
  4 H7901 Lie H8042 you also on your left H6654 side, H7760 and lay H5771 the iniquity H1004 of the house H3478 of Israel H4557 on it: according to the number H3117 of the days H7901 that you shall lie H5375 on it you shall bear H5771 their iniquity.
  5 H5414 For I have laid H8141 on you the years H5771 of their iniquity, H4557 according to the number H3117 of the days, H7969 three H3967 hundred H8673 and ninety H3117 days: H5375 so shall you bear H5771 the iniquity H1004 of the house H3478 of Israel.
  6 H3615 And when you have accomplished H7901 them, lie H8145 again H5921 on H3227 your right H6654 side, H5375 and you shall bear H5771 the iniquity H1004 of the house H3063 of Judah H705 forty H3117 days: H5414 I have appointed H3117 you each day H8141 for a year.
  7 H3559 Therefore you shall set H6440 your face H413 toward H4692 the siege H3389 of Jerusalem, H2220 and your arm H2834 shall be uncovered, H5012 and you shall prophesy H5921 against it.
  8 H2009 And, behold, H5688 I will lay bands H2015 on you, and you shall not turn H6654 you from one side H5704 to another, till H3615 you have ended H3117 the days H4692 of your siege.
  9 H3947 Take H2406 you also to you wheat, H8184 and barley, H6321 and beans, H5742 and lentils, H1764 and millet, H3698 and fitches, H5414 and put H259 them in one H3627 vessel, H6213 and make H3899 you bread H4557 thereof, according to the number H3117 of the days H7901 that you shall lie H6654 on your side, H7969 three H3967 hundred H8673 and ninety H3117 days H398 shall you eat thereof.
  10 H3978 And your meat H834 which H398 you shall eat H4946 shall be by weight, H6242 twenty H8255 shekels H3117 a day: H6256 from time H6256 to time H398 shall you eat it.
  11 H8354 You shall drink H4325 also water H4884 by measure, H8345 the sixth H1969 part of an hin: H6256 from time H6256 to time H8354 shall you drink.
  12 H398 And you shall eat H8184 it as barley H5692 cakes, H5746 and you shall bake H1561 it with dung H6627 that comes H120 out of man, H5869 in their sight.
  13 H3068 And the LORD H559 said, H3602 Even H3602 thus H1121 shall the children H3478 of Israel H398 eat H2931 their defiled H3899 bread H1471 among the Gentiles, H834 where H8033 H5080 I will drive them.
  14 H559 Then said H162 I, Ah H136 Lord H3069 GOD! H2009 behold, H5315 my soul H2930 has not been polluted: H5271 for from my youth H5704 up even till H6258 now H398 have I not eaten H5038 of that which dies H2966 of itself, or is torn H3808 in pieces; neither H935 came H6292 there abominable H1320 flesh H6310 into my mouth.
  15 H559 Then he said H7200 to me, See, H5414 I have given H1241 you cow’s H6832 dung H120 for man’s H1561 dung, H6213 and you shall prepare H3899 your bread H5921 therewith.
  16 H559 Moreover he said H1121 to me, Son H120 of man, H2005 behold, H7665 I will break H4294 the staff H3899 of bread H3389 in Jerusalem: H398 and they shall eat H3899 bread H4948 by weight, H1674 and with care; H8354 and they shall drink H4325 water H4884 by measure, H8078 and with astonishment:
  17 H2637 That they may want H3899 bread H4325 and water, H8074 and be astonished H376 one H251 with another, H4743 and consume H5771 away for their iniquity.