Exodus 29:5-7

  5 H3947 And you shall take H899 the garments, H3847 and put H175 on Aaron H3801 the coat, H4598 and the robe H646 of the ephod, H646 and the ephod, H2833 and the breastplate, H640 and gird H2805 him with the curious girdle H646 of the ephod:
  6 H7760 And you shall put H4701 the turban H7218 on his head, H5414 and put H6944 the holy H5145 crown H4701 on the turban.
  7 H3947 Then shall you take H4888 the anointing H8081 oil, H3332 and pour H7218 it on his head, H4886 and anoint him.