Exodus 23:14-17

  14 H7969 Three H2287 times you shall keep H2287 a feast H8141 to me in the year.
  15 H8104 You shall keep H2282 the feast H4682 of unleavened H398 bread: (you shall eat H4682 unleavened H7651 bread seven H3117 days, H6680 as I commanded H4150 you, in the time appointed H2320 of the month H24 Abib; H3318 for in it you came H4714 out from Egypt: H3808 and none H7200 shall appear H6440 before H7387 me empty:)
  16 H2282 And the feast H7105 of harvest, H1061 the first fruits H4639 of your labors, H834 which H2232 you have sown H7704 in the field: H2282 and the feast H614 of ingathering, H3318 which is in the end H8141 of the year, H622 when you have gathered H4639 in your labors H7704 out of the field.
  17 H7969 Three H6471 times H8141 in the year H3605 all H2138 your males H7200 shall appear H413 before H6440 H3068 the LORD H3068 God.