Exodus 17

  1 H3605 And all H5712 the congregation H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel H5265 journeyed H4057 from the wilderness H5512 of Sin, H4550 after their journeys, H5921 according H6310 to the commandment H3068 of the LORD, H2583 and pitched H7508 in Rephidim: H369 and there was no H4325 water H5971 for the people H8354 to drink.
  2 H5971 Why the people H7378 did chide H4872 with Moses, H559 and said, H5414 Give H4325 us water H8354 that we may drink. H4872 And Moses H559 said H4100 to them, Why H7378 chide H4100 you with me? why H5254 do you tempt H3068 the LORD?
  3 H5971 And the people H6770 thirsted H8033 there H4325 for water; H5971 and the people H3885 murmured H5921 against H4872 Moses, H559 and said, H4100 Why H2088 is this H5927 that you have brought H4714 us up out of Egypt, H4191 to kill H1121 us and our children H4735 and our cattle H6772 with thirst?
  4 H4872 And Moses H6817 cried H3068 to the LORD, H559 saying, H4100 What H6213 shall I do H2088 to this H5971 people? H4592 they be almost H5750 ready H5619 to stone me.
  5 H3068 And the LORD H559 said H4872 to Moses, H5674 Go H6440 on before H5971 the people, H3947 and take H2205 with you of the elders H3478 of Israel; H4294 and your rod, H834 with which H5221 you smote H2975 the river, H3947 take H3027 in your hand, H1980 and go.
  6 H2005 Behold, H5975 I will stand H6440 before H8033 you there H6697 on the rock H2722 in Horeb; H5221 and you shall smite H6697 the rock, H3318 and there shall come H4325 water H5971 out of it, that the people H8354 may drink. H4872 And Moses H6213 did H3651 so H5869 in the sight H2205 of the elders H3478 of Israel.
  7 H7121 And he called H8034 the name H4725 of the place H4532 Massah, H4809 and Meribah, H5921 because H7379 of the chiding H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel, H5921 and because H5254 they tempted H3068 the LORD, H559 saying, H3068 Is the LORD H7130 among us, or not?
  8 H935 Then came H6002 Amalek, H3898 and fought H3478 with Israel H7508 in Rephidim.
  9 H4872 And Moses H559 said H3091 to Joshua, H977 Choose H582 us out men, H3318 and go H3898 out, fight H6002 with Amalek: H4279 to morrow H5324 I will stand H5921 on H7218 the top H1389 of the hill H4294 with the rod H430 of God H3027 in my hand.
  10 H3091 So Joshua H6213 did H4872 as Moses H559 had said H3898 to him, and fought H6002 with Amalek: H4872 and Moses, H175 Aaron, H2354 and Hur H5927 went H7218 up to the top H1389 of the hill.
  11 H1961 And it came H834 to pass, when H4872 Moses H7311 held H3027 up his hand, H3478 that Israel H1396 prevailed: H834 and when H5117 he let H5117 down H3027 his hand, H6002 Amalek H1396 prevailed.
  12 H4872 But Moses H3027 hands H3515 were heavy; H3947 and they took H68 a stone, H7760 and put H8478 it under H3427 him, and he sat H5921 thereon; H175 and Aaron H2354 and Hur H8551 stayed H3027 up his hands, H2088 the one H2088 on the one H259 side, and the other H2088 on the other H3027 side; and his hands H530 were steady H5704 until H935 the going H935 down H8121 of the sun.
  13 H3091 And Joshua H2522 discomfited H6002 Amalek H5971 and his people H5310 with the edge H2719 of the sword.
  14 H3068 And the LORD H559 said H4872 to Moses, H3789 Write H2063 this H2146 for a memorial H5612 in a book, H7760 and rehearse H241 it in the ears H3091 of Joshua: H4229 for I will utterly put H2143 out the remembrance H6002 of Amalek H8478 from under H8064 heaven.
  15 H4872 And Moses H1129 built H4196 an altar, H7121 and called H8034 the name H3071 of it Jehovahnissi:
  16 H559 For he said, H3588 Because H3068 the LORD H3027 has sworn H3068 that the LORD H4421 will have war H6002 with Amalek H1755 from generation H1755 to generation.