Deuteronomy 33:8-10

  8 H3878 And of Levi H559 he said, H8550 Let your Thummim H224 and your Urim H2623 be with your holy H834 one, whom H5254 you did prove H5921 at H4532 Massah, H7378 and with whom you did strive H4325 at the waters H4809 of Meribah;
  9 H559 Who said H1 to his father H517 and to his mother, H7200 I have not seen H3808 him; neither H5234 did he acknowledge H251 his brothers, H3808 nor H3045 knew H1121 his own children: H8104 for they have observed H565 your word, H5341 and kept H1285 your covenant.
  10 H3384 They shall teach H3290 Jacob H4941 your judgments, H3478 and Israel H8451 your law: H7760 they shall put H7004 incense H639 before H3632 you, and whole H3632 burnt H4196 sacrifice on your altar.