Acts 2:5-11

  5 G2730 And there were dwelling G1722 at G2419 Jerusalem G2453 Jews, G2126 devout G435 men, G3956 out of every G1484 nation G5259 under G3772 heaven.
  6 G1161 Now G5026 when this G1096 was noised G5408 G1096 abroad, G5456 G4128 the multitude G4905 came G4905 together, G4797 and were confounded, G3754 because G1538 that every G1520 man G191 heard G2980 them speak G2398 in his own G1258 language.
  7 G3956 And they were all G1839 amazed G2296 and marveled, G3004 saying G240 one G240 to another, G2400 Behold, G3956 are not all G3778 these G3588 which G2980 speak G1057 Galilaeans?
  8 G4459 And how G191 hear G1538 we every G1520 man G2398 in our own G1258 tongue, G1722 wherein G3757 G1080 we were born?
  9 G3934 Parthians, G3370 and Medes, G1639 and Elamites, G2730 and the dwellers G3318 in Mesopotamia, G2449 and in Judaea, G2587 and Cappadocia, G4195 in Pontus, G773 and Asia,
  10 G5435 Phrygia, G3828 and Pamphylia, G125 in Egypt, G3313 and in the parts G3033 of Libya G2596 about G2957 Cyrene, G1927 and strangers G4516 of Rome, G2453 Jews G4339 and proselytes,
  11 G2912 Cretes G690 and Arabians, G191 we do hear G2980 them speak G1100 in our tongues G3167 the wonderful G2316 works of God.