2 Chronicles 24:11

  11 H1961 Now it came H6256 to pass, that at what time H727 the chest H935 was brought H4428 to the king’s H6486 office H3027 by the hand H3881 of the Levites, H7200 and when they saw H7227 that there was much H3701 money, H4428 the king’s H5608 scribe H7218 and the high H3548 priest’s H6496 officer H935 came H6168 and emptied H727 the chest, H5375 and took H7725 it, and carried H4725 it to his place H7725 again. H3541 Thus H6213 they did H3117 day H3117 by day, H622 and gathered H3701 money H7230 in abundance.