1 Samuel 25

  1 H8050 And Samuel H4191 died; H3605 and all H3478 the Israelites H6908 were gathered H5594 together, and lamented H6912 him, and buried H1004 him in his house H7414 at Ramah. H1732 And David H6965 arose, H3381 and went H3381 down H4057 to the wilderness H6290 of Paran.
  2 H376 And there was a man H4584 in Maon, H4639 whose possessions H3760 were in Carmel; H376 and the man H3966 was very H1419 great, H7969 and he had three H505 thousand H6629 sheep, H505 and a thousand H5795 goats: H1494 and he was shearing H6629 his sheep H3760 in Carmel.
  3 H6258 Now H8034 the name H376 of the man H5037 was Nabal; H8034 and the name H802 of his wife H26 Abigail: H802 and she was a woman H2896 of good H7922 understanding, H3303 and of a beautiful H8389 countenance: H376 but the man H7186 was churlish H7451 and evil H4611 in his doings; H1004 and he was of the house H3612 of Caleb.
  4 H1732 And David H8085 heard H4057 in the wilderness H5037 that Nabal H1494 did shear H6629 his sheep.
  5 H1732 And David H7971 sent H6235 out ten H5288 young H1732 men, and David H559 said H5288 to the young H5927 men, Get H3760 you up to Carmel, H935 and go H5037 to Nabal, H7592 and greet H7965 H8034 him in my name:
  6 H3541 And thus H559 shall you say H2416 to him that lives H7965 in prosperity, Peace H7965 be both to you, and peace H1004 be to your house, H7965 and peace H3605 be to all that you have.
  7 H6258 And now H8085 I have heard H1494 that you have shearers: H7462 now your shepherds H834 which H3637 were with us, we hurt H3808 them not, neither H3972 was there ought H6485 missing H3605 to them, all H3117 the while H3760 they were in Carmel.
  8 H7592 Ask H5288 your young H5046 men, and they will show H5288 you. Why let the young H4672 men find H2580 favor H5869 in your eyes: H935 for we come H2896 in a good H3117 day: H5414 give, H4994 I pray H853 you, whatever H834 H4672 comes H3027 to your hand H5650 to your servants, H1121 and to your son H1732 David.
  9 H1732 And when David’s H5288 young H935 men came, H1696 they spoke H5037 to Nabal H3605 according to all H428 those H1697 words H8034 in the name H1732 of David, H5117 and ceased.
  10 H5037 And Nabal H6030 answered H5650 David’s servants, H559 and said, H4310 Who H1732 is David? H4310 and who H1121 is the son H3448 of Jesse? H7231 there be many H5650 servants H3117 now a days H6555 that break H376 away every man H113 from his master.
  11 H3947 Shall I then take H3899 my bread, H4325 and my water, H2878 and my flesh H2873 that I have killed H1494 for my shearers, H5414 and give H582 it to men, H834 whom H3045 I know H834 not from where H2088 they be?
  12 H1732 So David’s H5288 young H2015 men turned H1870 their way, H7725 and went H7725 again, H935 and came H5046 and told H3605 him all H428 those H1697 sayings.
  13 H1732 And David H559 said H582 to his men, H2296 Gird H376 you on every man H2719 his sword. H2296 And they girded H376 on every man H2719 his sword; H1732 and David H1571 also H2296 girded H2719 on his sword: H5927 and there went H310 up after H1732 David H702 about four H3967 hundred H376 men; H3967 and two hundred H3427 stayed H3627 by the stuff.
  14 H259 But one H5288 of the young H5046 men told H26 Abigail, H5037 Nabal’s H802 wife, H559 saying, H2009 Behold, H1732 David H7971 sent H4397 messengers H4057 out of the wilderness H1288 to salute H113 our master; H5860 and he railed on them.
  15 H582 But the men H3966 were very H2896 good H3637 to us, and we were not hurt, H3808 neither H6485 missed H3972 we any H1697 thing, H3117 as long H1980 as we were conversant H7704 with them, when we were in the fields:
  16 H2346 They were a wall H1571 to us both H3915 by night H3119 and day, H3605 all H3117 the while H7462 we were with them keeping H6629 the sheep.
  17 H6258 Now H3045 therefore know H7200 and consider H4100 what H6213 you will do; H7451 for evil H3615 is determined H413 against H113 our master, H5921 and against H3605 all H1004 his household: H1121 for he is such a son H1100 of Belial, H1696 that a man cannot speak to him.
  18 H26 Then Abigail H4116 made haste, H3947 and took H3967 two hundred H3899 loaves, H8147 and two H5035 bottles H3196 of wine, H2568 and five H6629 sheep H6213 ready dressed, H2568 and five H5429 measures H7039 of parched H3967 corn, and an hundred H6778 clusters H6778 of raisins, H3967 and two hundred H1690 cakes H7760 of figs, and laid H5921 them on H2543 asses.
  19 H559 And she said H5288 to her servants, H5674 Go H6440 on before H2005 me; behold, H935 I come H310 after H5046 you. But she told H376 not her husband H5037 Nabal.
  20 H7392 And it was so, as she rode H5921 on H2543 the ass, H3381 that she came H3381 down H5643 by the covert H2022 on the hill, H2009 and, behold, H1732 David H582 and his men H3381 came H3381 down H7125 against H6298 her; and she met them.
  21 H1732 Now David H559 had said, H389 Surely H8267 in vain H8104 have I kept H3605 all H2088 that this H4057 fellow has in the wilderness, H3808 so that nothing H3972 H6485 was missed H3605 of all H7725 that pertained to him: and he has requited H7451 me evil H2896 for good.
  22 H3541 So H3254 and more H3541 also H6213 do H430 God H341 to the enemies H1732 of David, H518 if H7604 I leave H3605 of all H1242 that pertain to him by the morning H216 light H8366 any that urinates H7023 against the wall.
  23 H26 And when Abigail H7200 saw H1732 David, H4116 she hurried, H3381 and lighted H5921 off H2543 the ass, H5307 and fell H639 before H1732 David H5921 on H6440 her face, H7812 and bowed H776 herself to the ground,
  24 H5307 And fell H5921 at H7272 his feet, H559 and said, H113 On me, my lord, H5771 on me let this iniquity H519 be: and let your handmaid, H4994 I pray H1696 you, speak H241 in your audience, H8085 and hear H1697 the words H519 of your handmaid.
  25 H113 Let not my lord, H4994 I pray H3820 you, regard H2088 this H376 man H1100 of Belial, H5037 even Nabal: H8034 for as his name H3651 is, so H5037 is he; Nabal H8034 is his name, H5039 and folly H519 is with him: but I your handmaid H7200 saw H5288 not the young H113 men of my lord, H834 whom H7971 you did send.
  26 H6258 Now H113 therefore, my lord, H3068 as the LORD H2416 lives, H5315 and as your soul H2416 lives, H3068 seeing the LORD H4513 has withheld H935 you from coming H1818 to shed blood, H3467 and from avenging H3027 yourself with your own hand, H6258 now H341 let your enemies, H1245 and they that seek H7451 evil H113 to my lord, H5037 be as Nabal.
  27 H6258 And now H2063 this H1293 blessing H834 which H8198 your handmaid H935 has brought H113 to my lord, H5414 let it even be given H5288 to the young H1980 men that follow H7272 H113 my lord.
  28 H4994 I pray H5375 you, forgive H6588 the trespass H519 of your handmaid: H3068 for the LORD H6213 will certainly make H113 my lord H539 a sure H1004 house; H3588 because H113 my lord H3898 fights H4421 the battles H3068 of the LORD, H7451 and evil H4672 has not been found H3117 in you all your days.
  29 H120 Yet a man H6965 is risen H7291 to pursue H1245 you, and to seek H5315 your soul: H5315 but the soul H113 of my lord H6887 shall be bound H6872 in the bundle H2416 of life H3068 with the LORD H430 your God; H5315 and the souls H341 of your enemies, H7049 them shall he sling H8432 out, as out of the middle H7050 of a sling.
  30 H1961 And it shall come H3588 to pass, when H3068 the LORD H6213 shall have done H113 to my lord H3605 according to all H2896 the good H1696 that he has spoken H5921 concerning H6680 you, and shall have appointed H5057 you ruler H3478 over Israel;
  31 H2063 That this H3808 shall be no H6330 grief H4383 to you, nor offense H3820 of heart H136 to my lord, H8210 either that you have shed H1818 blood H2600 causeless, H136 or that my lord H3467 has avenged H3068 himself: but when the LORD H3190 shall have dealt well H113 with my lord, H2142 then remember H519 your handmaid.
  32 H1732 And David H559 said H26 to Abigail, H1288 Blessed H3068 be the LORD H430 God H3478 of Israel, H834 which H7971 sent H2088 you this H3117 day H7125 to meet me:
  33 H1288 And blessed H2940 be your advice, H1288 and blessed H834 be you, which H3607 have kept H2088 me this H3117 day H935 from coming H1818 to shed blood, H3467 and from avenging H3027 myself with my own hand.
  34 H199 For in very H199 deed, H3068 as the LORD H430 God H3478 of Israel H2416 lives, H834 which H4513 has kept H4513 me back H7489 from hurting H3588 you, except H3884 H4116 you had hurried H935 and come H7125 to meet H3588 me, surely H518 H3498 there had not been left H5037 to Nabal H1242 by the morning H216 light H8366 any that urinates H7023 against the wall.
  35 H1732 So David H3947 received H3027 of her hand H834 that which H935 she had brought H559 him, and said H5927 to her, Go H7965 up in peace H1004 to your house; H7200 see, H8085 I have listened H6963 to your voice, H5375 and have accepted H6440 your person.
  36 H26 And Abigail H935 came H5037 to Nabal; H2009 and, behold, H2790 he held H4960 a feast H1004 in his house, H4960 like the feast H4428 of a king; H5037 and Nabal’s H3820 heart H2896 was merry H5921 within H5704 him, for he was very H3966 H7910 drunken: H5046 why she told H3808 him nothing, H1697 H6996 less H1419 or more, H5704 until H1242 the morning H216 light.
  37 H1961 But it came H1242 to pass in the morning, H3196 when the wine H3318 was gone H5037 out of Nabal, H802 and his wife H5046 had told H428 him these H1697 things, H3820 that his heart H4191 died H7130 within H1961 him, and he became H68 as a stone.
  38 H1961 And it came H6235 to pass about ten H3117 days H3068 after, that the LORD H5062 smote H5037 Nabal, H4191 that he died.
  39 H1732 And when David H8085 heard H5037 that Nabal H4191 was dead, H559 he said, H1288 Blessed H3068 be the LORD, H7378 that has pleaded H7379 the cause H2781 of my reproach H3027 from the hand H5037 of Nabal, H2820 and has kept H5650 his servant H7451 from evil: H3068 for the LORD H7725 has returned H7451 the wickedness H5037 of Nabal H7218 on his own head. H1732 And David H7971 sent H1696 and communed H26 with Abigail, H3947 to take H802 her to him to wife.
  40 H5650 And when the servants H1732 of David H935 were come H26 to Abigail H3760 to Carmel, H1696 they spoke H559 to her, saying, H1732 David H7971 sent H3947 us to you, to take H802 you to him to wife.
  41 H6965 And she arose, H7812 and bowed H639 herself on her face H776 to the earth, H559 and said, H2009 Behold, H519 let your handmaid H5650 be a servant H7364 to wash H7272 the feet H5650 of the servants H113 of my lord.
  42 H26 And Abigail H4116 hurried, H6965 and arose H7392 and rode H2543 on an ass, H2568 with five H5291 damsels H1980 of hers that went H7272 after H3212 her; and she went H310 after H4397 the messengers H1732 of David, H1961 and became H802 his wife.
  43 H1732 David H3947 also took H293 Ahinoam H3157 of Jezreel; H8147 and they were also both H802 of them his wives.
  44 H7586 But Saul H5414 had given H4324 Michal H1323 his daughter, H1732 David’s H802 wife, H6406 to Phalti H1121 the son H3919 of Laish, H834 which H1554 was of Gallim.
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