1 Samuel 19

  1 H7586 And Saul H1696 spoke H3129 to Jonathan H1121 his son, H3605 and to all H5650 his servants, H4191 that they should kill H1732 David.
  2 H3083 But Jonathan H7586 Saul’s H1121 son H2654 delighted H3966 much H1732 in David: H3083 and Jonathan H5046 told H1732 David, H559 saying, H7586 Saul H1 my father H1245 seeks H4191 to kill H6258 you: now H4994 therefore, I pray H8104 you, take heed H5704 to yourself until H1242 the morning, H3427 and abide H5643 in a secret H2244 place, and hide yourself:
  3 H3318 And I will go H5975 out and stand H3027 beside H1 my father H7704 in the field H834 where H1696 you are, and I will commune H1 with my father H4100 of you; and what H7200 I see, H5046 that I will tell you.
  4 H3083 And Jonathan H1696 spoke H2896 good H1732 of David H7586 to Saul H1 his father, H559 and said H4428 to him, Let not the king H2398 sin H5650 against his servant, H1732 against David; H3588 because H2398 he has not sinned H3588 against you, and because H4639 his works H3966 have been to you-ward very H2896 good:
  5 H7760 For he did put H5315 his life H3709 in his hand, H5221 and slew H6430 the Philistine, H3068 and the LORD H6213 worked H1419 a great H8668 salvation H3605 for all H3478 Israel: H7200 you saw H8055 it, and did rejoice: H4100 why H2398 then will you sin H5355 against innocent H1818 blood, H4191 to slay H1732 David H2600 without H2600 a cause?
  6 H7586 And Saul H8085 listened H6963 to the voice H3083 of Jonathan: H7586 and Saul H7650 swore, H3068 As the LORD H2416 lives, H4191 he shall not be slain.
  7 H3083 And Jonathan H7121 called H1732 David, H3083 and Jonathan H5046 showed H3605 him all H428 those H1697 things. H3083 And Jonathan H935 brought H1732 David H7586 to Saul, H6440 and he was in his presence, H865 as in times H8543 H8032 past.
  8 H4421 And there was war H3254 again: H1732 and David H3318 went H3898 out, and fought H6430 with the Philistines, H5221 and slew H1419 them with a great H4347 slaughter; H5127 and they fled from him.
  9 H7451 And the evil H7307 spirit H3068 from the LORD H7586 was on Saul, H3427 as he sat H1004 in his house H2595 with his javelin H3027 in his hand: H1732 and David H5059 played H3027 with his hand.
  10 H7586 And Saul H1245 sought H5221 to smite H1732 David H7023 even to the wall H2595 with the javelin: H6362 but he slipped H7586 away out of Saul’s H6440 presence, H5221 and he smote H2595 the javelin H7023 into the wall: H1732 and David H5127 fled, H4422 and escaped H3915 that night.
  11 H7586 Saul H7971 also sent H4397 messengers H1732 to David’s H1004 house, H8104 to watch H4191 him, and to slay H1242 him in the morning: H4324 and Michal H1732 David’s H802 wife H5046 told H559 him, saying, H518 If H4422 you save H5315 not your life H3915 to night, H4279 to morrow H4191 you shall be slain.
  12 H4324 So Michal H3381 let H1732 David H3381 down H1157 through H2474 a window: H3212 and he went, H1272 and fled, H4422 and escaped.
  13 H4324 And Michal H3947 took H8655 an image, H7760 and laid H4296 it in the bed, H7760 and put H3523 a pillow H5795 of goats’ H4763 hair for his bolster, H3680 and covered H899 it with a cloth.
  14 H7586 And when Saul H7971 sent H4397 messengers H3947 to take H1732 David, H559 she said, H2470 He is sick.
  15 H7586 And Saul H7971 sent H4397 the messengers H7200 again to see H1732 David, H559 saying, H5927 Bring H4296 him up to me in the bed, H4191 that I may slay him.
  16 H4397 And when the messengers H935 were come H2009 in, behold, H8655 there was an image H4296 in the bed, H3523 with a pillow H5795 of goats’ H4763 hair for his bolster.
  17 H7586 And Saul H559 said H4324 to Michal, H4100 Why H7411 have you deceived H3602 me so, H7971 and sent H341 away my enemy, H4422 that he is escaped? H4324 And Michal H559 answered H7586 Saul, H559 He said H7971 to me, Let me go; H4100 why H4191 should I kill you?
  18 H1732 So David H1272 fled, H4422 and escaped, H935 and came H8050 to Samuel H7414 to Ramah, H5046 and told H3605 him all H7586 that Saul H6213 had done H8050 to him. And he and Samuel H3212 went H3427 and dwelled H5121 in Naioth.
  19 H5046 And it was told H7586 Saul, H559 saying, H2009 Behold, H1732 David H5121 is at Naioth H7414 in Ramah.
  20 H7586 And Saul H7971 sent H4397 messengers H3947 to take H1732 David: H7200 and when they saw H3862 the company H5030 of the prophets H5012 prophesying, H8050 and Samuel H5975 standing H5324 as appointed H5921 over H7307 them, the Spirit H430 of God H4397 was on the messengers H7586 of Saul, H1571 and they also H5012 prophesied.
  21 H5046 And when it was told H7586 Saul, H7971 he sent H312 other H4397 messengers, H5012 and they prophesied H1571 likewise. H7586 And Saul H7971 sent H4397 messengers H3254 again H7992 the third H5012 time, and they prophesied H1571 also.
  22 H3212 Then went H1571 he also H7414 to Ramah, H935 and came H1419 to a great H953 well H7906 that is in Sechu: H7592 and he asked H559 and said, H375 Where H8050 are Samuel H1732 and David? H559 And one said, H2009 Behold, H5121 they be at Naioth H7414 in Ramah.
  23 H3212 And he went H8033 thither H5121 to Naioth H7414 in Ramah: H7307 and the Spirit H430 of God H1571 was on him also, H3212 and he went H5012 on, and prophesied, H5704 until H935 he came H5121 to Naioth H7414 in Ramah.
  24 H6584 And he stripped H899 off his clothes H1571 also, H5012 and prophesied H6440 before H8050 Samuel H1571 in like H1571 manner, H5307 and lay H6174 down naked H3605 all H3117 that day H3605 and all H3915 that night. H5921 Why H3651 H559 they say, H7586 Is Saul H1571 also H5030 among the prophets?