1 Peter 5

  1 G4245 The elders G1722 which are among G3870 you I exhort, G3588 who G2532 am also G4850 an elder, G3144 and a witness G3804 of the sufferings G5547 of Christ, G2532 and also G2844 a partaker G1391 of the glory G601 that shall be revealed:
  2 G4165 Feed G4168 the flock G2316 of God G1722 which is among G1983 you, taking the oversight G317 thereof, not by constraint, G1596 but willingly; G147 not for filthy G147 lucre, G4289 but of a ready G4290 mind;
  3 G3366 Neither G2634 as being lords G2634 over G2316 God’s G2819 heritage, G1096 but being G5179 ensamples G4168 to the flock.
  4 G750 And when the chief G750 Shepherd G5319 shall appear, G2865 you shall receive G4735 a crown G1391 of glory G262 that fades not away.
  5 G3668 Likewise, G3501 you younger, G5293 submit G4245 yourselves to the elder. G1161 Yes, G3956 all G5293 of you be subject G240 one G240 to another, G1463 and be clothed G5012 with humility: G2316 for God G498 resists G5244 the proud, G1325 and gives G5485 grace G5011 to the humble.
  6 G5013 Humble G3767 yourselves therefore G5259 under G2900 the mighty G5495 hand G2316 of God, G5312 that he may exalt G2398 you in due G2540 time:
  7 G1977 Casting G3956 all G5216 your G3308 care G3199 on him; for he cares for you.
  8 G3525 Be sober, G1127 be vigilant; G3754 because G5216 your G476 adversary G1228 the devil, G5612 as a roaring G3023 lion, G4043 walks G4043 about, G2212 seeking G5101 whom G2666 he may devour:
  9 G3739 Whom G436 resist G4731 steadfast G4102 in the faith, G1492 knowing G846 that the same G3804 afflictions G2005 are accomplished G5216 in your G81 brothers G2889 that are in the world.
  10 G2316 But the God G3956 of all G5485 grace, G3588 who G2564 has called G166 us to his eternal G1391 glory G5547 by Christ G2424 Jesus, G3958 after that you have suffered G3641 a while, G2675 make G2675 you perfect, G4741 establish, G4599 strengthen, G2311 settle you.
  11 G1391 To him be glory G2904 and dominion G165 for ever G165 and ever. G281 Amen.
  12 G4610 By Silvanus, G4103 a faithful G80 brother G3049 to you, as I suppose, G1125 I have written G1223 briefly, G3641 G3870 exhorting, G1957 and testifying G5026 that this G227 is the true G5485 grace G2316 of God G1519 wherein G3757 G2476 you stand.
  13 G1577 The church G1722 that is at G897 Babylon, G4899 elected G4899 together G782 with you, salutes G3138 you; and so does Marcus G5207 my son.
  14 G782 Greet G240 you one G240 another G5370 with a kiss G26 of charity. G1515 Peace G3956 be with you all G5547 that are in Christ G2424 Jesus. G281 Amen.