1 Peter 2:18-25

  18 G3610 Servants, G5293 be subject G3588 to your G1203 masters G3956 with all G5401 fear; G3440 not only G18 to the good G1933 and gentle, G2532 but also G4646 to the fraudulent.
  19 G5124 For this G5485 is thank worthy, G1487 if G5100 a man G4893 for conscience G2316 toward God G5297 endure G3077 grief, G3958 suffering G95 wrongfully.
  20 G4169 For what G2811 glory G1487 is it, if, G2852 when you be buffeted G264 for your faults, G5278 you shall take it patiently? G1487 but if, G15 when you do G15 well, G3958 and suffer G5278 for it, you take it patiently, G5124 this G5485 is acceptable G2316 with God.
  21 G1519 For even hereunto G5124 G2564 were you called: G3754 because G5547 Christ G2532 also G3958 suffered G5277 for us, leaving G5261 us an example, G1872 that you should follow G2487 his steps:
  22 G3739 Who G4160 did G3756 no G266 sin, G3761 neither G1388 was guile G2147 found G4750 in his mouth:
  23 G3739 Who, G3058 when he was reviled, G486 reviled G486 not again; G3958 when he suffered, G546 he threatened G3860 not; but committed G2919 himself to him that judges G1346 righteously:
  24 G3739 Who G848 his own G846 self G399 bore G266 our sins G4983 in his own body G1909 on G3586 the tree, G581 that we, being dead G266 to sins, G2198 should live G1343 to righteousness: G3739 by whose G3468 stripes G2390 you were healed.
  25 G4263 For you were as sheep G4105 going G4105 astray; G3568 but are now G1994 returned G4166 to the Shepherd G1985 and Bishop G5216 of your G5590 souls.