1 Corinthians 12

  1 G1161 Now G4012 concerning G4152 spiritual G80 gifts, brothers, G2309 I would G50 not have you ignorant.
  2 G1492 You know G1484 that you were Gentiles, G520 carried G520 away G3588 to these G880 dumb G1497 idols, G5613 even G71 as you were led.
  3 G1352 Why G1107 I give you to understand, G3762 that no G3762 man G2980 speaking G4151 by the Spirit G2316 of God G3004 calls G2424 Jesus G331 accursed: G3762 and that no G3762 man G1410 can G2036 say G2424 that Jesus G2962 is the Lord, G40 but by the Holy G4151 Ghost.
  4 G1161 Now G1243 there are diversities G5486 of gifts, G846 but the same G4151 Spirit.
  5 G1243 And there are differences G1248 of administrations, G846 but the same G2962 Lord.
  6 G1243 And there are diversities G1755 of operations, G846 but it is the same G2316 God G3588 which G1754 works G3956 all G3956 in all.
  7 G5321 But the manifestation G4151 of the Spirit G1325 is given G1538 to every G1538 man G4851 to profit with.
  8 G3739 For to one G3303 G1325 is given G4151 by the Spirit G3056 the word G4678 of wisdom; G243 to another G3056 the word G1108 of knowledge G846 by the same G4151 Spirit;
  9 G2087 To another G4102 faith G846 by the same G4151 Spirit; G243 to another G5486 the gifts G2386 of healing G846 by the same G4151 Spirit;
  10 G243 To another G1755 the working G1411 of miracles; G243 to another G4394 prophecy; G243 to another G1253 discerning G4151 of spirits; G2087 to another G1085 divers kinds G1100 of tongues; G243 to another G2058 the interpretation G1100 of tongues:
  11 G3956 But all G5023 these G1754 works G1520 that one G846 and the selfsame G4151 Spirit, G1244 dividing G1538 to every G1538 man G2398 severally G1014 as he will.
  12 G4983 For as the body G1520 is one, G2192 and has G4183 many G3196 members, G3956 and all G3196 the members G1520 of that one G4983 body, G5607 being G4183 many, G1520 are one G4983 body: G3779 so G2532 also G5547 is Christ.
  13 G1520 For by one G4151 Spirit G3956 are we all G907 baptized G1519 into G1520 one G4983 body, G1535 whether G2453 we be Jews G1535 or G1672 Gentiles, G1535 whether G1401 we be bond G1535 or G1658 free; G3956 and have been all G4222 made G4222 to drink G1519 into G1520 one G4151 Spirit.
  14 G4983 For the body G1520 is not one G3196 member, G4183 but many.
  15 G1437 If G4228 the foot G2036 shall say, G3754 Because G1510 I am G5495 not the hand, G1510 I am G4983 not of the body; G3756 is it therefore G4983 not of the body?
  16 G1437 And if G3775 the ear G2036 shall say, G3754 Because G1510 I am G3788 not the eye, G1510 I am G4983 not of the body; G3756 is it therefore G4983 not of the body?
  17 G1487 If G3650 the whole G4983 body G3788 were an eye, G4226 where G189 were the hearing? G1487 If G3650 the whole G189 were hearing, G4226 where G3750 were the smelling?
  18 G3570 But now G2316 has God G5087 set G3196 the members G1538 every G1520 one G4983 of them in the body, G2309 as it has pleased him.
  19 G1487 And if G3956 they were all G1520 one G3196 member, G4226 where G4983 were the body?
  20 G3568 But now G4183 are they many G3196 members, G1161 yet G1520 but one G4983 body.
  21 G3788 And the eye G3756 cannot G1410 G2036 say G5495 to the hand, G2192 I have G3756 no G5532 need G2228 of you: nor G3825 again G2776 the head G4228 to the feet, G2192 I have G3756 no G5532 need of you.
  22 G235 No, G4183 much G3123 more G3588 those G3196 members G4983 of the body, G1380 which seem G772 to be more feeble, G316 are necessary:
  23 G4983 And those members of the body, G3739 which G1380 we think G820 to be less G820 honorable, G5125 on these G4060 we bestow G4055 more G4055 abundant G5092 honor; G809 and our uncomely G2192 parts have G4055 more G4055 abundant G2157 comeliness.
  24 G2158 For our comely G2192 parts have G3756 no G5532 need: G2316 but God G4786 has tempered G4983 the body G4786 together, G1325 having given G4055 more G4055 abundant G5092 honor G5302 to that part which lacked.
  25 G3361 That there should be no G4978 schism G4983 in the body; G3196 but that the members G846 should have the same G3309 care G240 one G240 for another.
  26 G1535 And whether G1520 one G3196 member G3958 suffer, G3956 all G3196 the members G4841 suffer G1535 with it; or G1520 one G3196 member G1392 be honored, G3956 all G3196 the members G4796 rejoice with it.
  27 G1161 Now G4983 you are the body G5547 of Christ, G3196 and members G3313 in particular.
  28 G2316 And God G5087 has set G3588 some G3303 G1577 in the church, G4412 first G652 apostles, G1208 secondarily G4396 prophets, G5154 thirdly G1320 teachers, G1899 after G1411 that miracles, G1534 then G5486 gifts G2386 of healings, G484 helps, G2941 governments, G1085 diversities G1100 of tongues.
  29 G3956 Are all G652 apostles? G3956 are all G4396 prophets? G3956 are all G1320 teachers? G3956 are all G1411 workers G1411 of miracles?
  30 G2192 Have G3956 all G5486 the gifts G2386 of healing? G3956 do all G2980 speak G1100 with tongues? G3956 do all G1329 interpret?
  31 G2206 But covet G2206 earnestly G2909 the best G5486 gifts: G2089 and yet G1166 show G2596 I to you a more G5236 G2596 excellent G5236 G3598 way.