1 Chronicles 29:12-14

  12 H6239 Both riches H3519 and honor H4910 come of you, and you reign H4605 over H3605 all; H3027 and in your hand H3581 is power H1369 and might; H3027 and in your hand H1431 it is to make great, H2388 and to give strength H3605 to all.
  13 H6258 Now H430 therefore, our God, H3034 we thank H1984 you, and praise H8597 your glorious H8034 name.
  14 H4310 But who H4310 am I, and what H5971 is my people, H6113 that we should be able H3581 H5068 to offer so willingly H2063 after this H3605 sort? for all H5414 things come of you, and of your own have we given you.