Philemon 1:14

   14 G1161 CONJ δε BUT G2309 V-AAI-1S ηθελησα I WANTED G4160 V-AAN ποιησαι TO DO G3762 A-ASN ουδεν NOTHING G5565 ADV χωρις WITHOUT G3588 T-GSF της THA G1106 N-GSF γνωμης MIND G4674 S-2GSF σης OF THEE G2443 CONJ ινα SO THAT G3588 T-NSN το THE G18 A-NSN αγαθον GOOD G4675 P-2GS σου OF THEE G5600 V-PXS-3S η MIGHT BE G3361 PRT-N μη NOT G5613 ADV ως AS G2596 PREP κατα FROM G318 N-ASF αναγκην OBLIGATION G235 CONJ αλλα BUT G2596 PREP κατα FROM G1595 A-ASN εκουσιον VOLUNTARY