John 6:57

   57 G2531 ADV καθως JUST AS G3588 T-NSM ο THO G2198 V-PAP-NSM ζων LIVING G3962 N-NSM πατηρ FATHER G649 V-AAI-3S απεστειλεν SENT G3165 P-1AS με ME G2504 P-1NS-C καγω AND I G2198 V-PAI-1S ζω LIVE G1223 PREP δια BECAUSE OF G3588 T-ASM τον THO G3962 N-ASM πατερα FATHER G2532 CONJ και ALSO G3588 T-NSM ο THO G5176 V-PAP-NSM τρωγων WHO EATS G3165 P-1AS με ME G2548 D-NSM-C κακεινος THAT ALSO G2198 V-FDI-3S ζησεται WILL LIVE G1223 PREP δι BECAUSE OF G1691 P-1AS εμε ME