Hebrews 10:2

   2 G1893 CONJ επει Otherwise G302 PRT αν Ever G3756 PRT-N ουκ Not G3973 V-AMI-3P επαυσαντο They Have Ceased G4374 V-PPP-NPF προσφερομεναι Being Offered G1223 PREP δια Because Of G3588 T-APM τους Thos G3000 V-PAP-APM λατρευοντας Who Worship G530 ADV απαξ Once G2508 V-RPP-APM κεκαθαρμενους Having Been Cleansed G3588 T-ASN το The G2192 V-PAN εχειν To Have G3367 A-ASF μηδεμιαν Not One G2089 ADV ετι Further G4893 N-ASF συνειδησιν Conscience G266 N-GPF αμαρτιων Of Sins