2 Thessalonians 1:11

   11 G1519 PREP εις For G3739 R-ASN ο Which G2532 CONJ και Also G4336 V-PNI-1P προσευχομεθα We Pray G3842 ADV παντοτε Always G4012 PREP περι About G5216 P-2GP υμων You G2443 CONJ ινα So That G3588 T-NSM ο Tho G2316 N-NSM θεος God G2257 P-1GP ημων Of Us G515 V-AAS-3S αξιωση Will Make Worthy G5209 P-2AP υμας You G3588 T-GSF της Of Tha G2821 N-GSF κλησεως Calling G2532 CONJ και And G4137 V-AAS-3S πληρωση Will Fulfill G3956 A-ASF πασαν Every G2107 N-ASF ευδοκιαν Desire G19 N-GSF αγαθωσυνης Of Goodness G2532 CONJ και And G2041 N-ASN εργον Work G4102 N-GSF πιστεως Of Faith G1722 PREP εν With G1411 N-DSF δυναμει Power
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