1 Corinthians 14:11

   11 G3767 CONJ ουν THEREFORE G1437 COND εαν IF G1492 V-RAS-1S ειδω I KNOW G3361 PRT-N μη NOT G3588 T-ASF την THA G1411 N-ASF δυναμιν FORCE G3588 T-GSF της OF THA G5456 N-GSF φωνης VOICE G2071 V-FXI-1S εσομαι I WILL BE G915 A-NSM βαρβαρος FOREIGN G3588 T-DSM τω TO THO G2980 V-PAP-DSM λαλουντι WHO SPEAKS G2532 CONJ και AND G3588 T-NSM ο THO G2980 V-PAP-NSM λαλων WHO SPEAKS G915 A-NSM βαρβαρος FOREIGN G1722 PREP εν TO G1698 P-1DS εμοι ME