Revelation 20:4

  4 G2532 And G1492 I saw G2362 thrones, G2532 and G2523 they sat G1909 upon G1473 them, G2532 and G2917 judgment G1325 was given G1473 to them; G2532 and G3588 the G5590 souls G3588 of the ones G3990 hewn with an axe G1223 on account of G3588 the G3141 testimony G* of Jesus, G2532 and G1223 on account of G3588 the G3056 word G3588   G2316 of God, G2532 and G3748 whoever G3756 did not G4352 do obeisance G3588 to the G2342 beast, G3777 nor G3588 to G1504 his image, G1473   G2532 and G3756 did not G2983 take G3588 the G5480 imprint G1909 upon G3588   G3359 their forehead, G1473   G2532 and G1909 upon G3588   G5495 their hand; G1473   G2532 and G2198 they lived G2532 and G936 reigned G3326 with G3588 the G5547 Christ G5507 a thousand G2094 years.