Psalms 82

  0 G5568 A psalm G3588 to G* Asaph.
  1 G3588   G2316 God G2476 stood G1722 in G4864 the congregation G2316 of gods; G1722 [2in G3319 3 the midst G1161 1and] G2316 of gods G1252 he examines.
  2 G2193 For G4219 how long G2919 will you judge G93 injustice, G2532 and G4383 [2persons G268 3of sinners G2983 1receive]?
  3 G2919 Judge G3737 for the orphan, G2532 and G4434 the poor! G5011 [2 to the humble G2532 3and G3993 4needy G1344 1Do justice]!
  4 G1807 Deliver G3993 the needy G2532 and G4434 the poor! G1537 [3from G5495 4 the hand G268 5of the sinner G4506 1rescue G1473 2him]!
  5 G3756 They did not G1097 know, G3761 nor G4920 perceived. G1722 [2in G4655 3darkness G1279 1They travel]. G4531 [6shall be shaken G3956 1All G3588 2the G2310 3foundations G3588 4of the G1093 5earth].
  6 G1473 I G2036 said, G2316 You are gods, G1510.2.5   G2532 and G5207 [2sons G5310 3of the highest G3956 1all].
  7 G1473 But you G1161   G5613 [2as G444 3men G599 1die]; G2532 and G5613 [2as G1520 3one G3588 4of the G758 5rulers G4098 1fall].
  8 G450 Rise up, G3588 O G2316 God, G2919 judge G3588 the G1093 earth! G3754 for G1473 you G2624.1 shall inherit G1722 among G3956 all G3588 the G1484 nations.