Psalms 64:2-5

  2 G4628.1 Shelter G1473 me G575 from G4963 the conspiracy G4188.2 of the ones acting wickedly! G575 from G4128 the multitude G2038 of the ones working G93 iniquity.
  3 G3748 The ones who G190.1 sharpened G5613 [2as G4501 3a broadsword G3588   G1100 1their tongues]; G1473   G1780.2 they stretched tight G5115 their bow G1473   G4229 [2thing G4089 1 for a bitter];
  4 G3588   G2700 to shoot G1722 in G614 concealed places G299 at the unblemished; G1819 suddenly G2700 they will shoot G1473 him, G2532 and G3756 they will not G5399 fear.
  5 G2901 They determined G1438 for themselves G3056 [2matter G4190 1an evil]; G1334 they describe to themselves G3588   G2928 how to hide G3803 snares. G2036 They said, G5100 Who G3708 shall see G1473 them?