Luke 2:23-32

  23 G2531 (as G1125 it has been written G1722 in G3551 the law G2962 of the Lord G3754 that, G3956 Every G730 male G1272 opening wide G3388 the womb G39 [2holy G3588 3to the G2962 4Lord G2564 1shall be called];)
  24 G2532 and G3588   G1325 to give G2378 a sacrifice G2596 according to G3588 the thing G2046 being said G1722 in G3551 the law G2962 of the Lord -- G2201 a pair G5167 of turtle-doves G2228 or G1417 two G3502 young G4058 pigeons.
  25 G2532 And G2400 behold, G1510.7.3 there was G444 a man G1722 in G* Jerusalem G3739 whose G3686 name G* was Simeon; G2532 and G3588   G444 this man G3778   G1342 was just G2532 and G2126 reverent, G4327 waiting for G3874 the consolation G3588   G* of Israel; G2532 and G4151 [2spirit G39 1holy] G1510.7.3 was G1909 upon G1473 him.
  26 G2532 And G1510.7.3 there was G1473 to him G5537 a receiving of a divine message G5259 by G3588 the G4151 [2spirit G3588   G39 1holy] G3361 to not see G1492   G2288 death G4250 before G2228 he should behold G1492   G3588 the G5547 Christ G2962 of the Lord.
  27 G2532 And G2064 he came G1722 in G3588 the G4151 spirit G1519 into G3588 the G2413 temple. G2532 And G1722 in G3588 the G1521 bringing G3588 [4by the G1118 5parents G3588 1the G3813 2child G* 3Jesus], G3588   G4160 for them to do G1473   G2596 according to G3588 the thing G1480 accustomed G3588 by the G3551 law G4012 for G1473 him,
  28 G2532 that G1473 he G1209 received G1473 it G1519 into G3588   G43 his embrace, G1473   G2532 and G2127 he blessed G3588   G2316 God, G2532 and G2036 said,
  29 G3568 Now G630 loosen G3588   G1401 your servant, G1473   G1203 O master, G2596 according to G3588   G4487 your word, G1473   G1722 in G1515 peace.
  30 G3754 For G1492 [2saw G3588   G3788 1my eyes] G1473   G3588   G4992 your deliverance, G1473  
  31 G3739 which G2090 you prepared G2596 before G4383 the face G3956 of all G3588 the G2992 peoples;
  32 G5457 a light G1519 for G602 an uncovering G1484 of nations, G2532 and G1391 glory G2992 of your people G1473   G* Israel.