Leviticus 15:26

  26 G2532 And G3956 every G2845 bed G1909 upon G3739 of which G302 ever G2837 she should go to bed G1909 upon G1473 it G3956 all G3588 the G2250 days G3588   G4511 of her flow, G1473   G2596 [3as G3588 4the G2845 5bed G3588   G855.2 6of her menstruation G1473   G1510.8.3 1it will be G1473 2to her]. G2532 And G3956 every G4632 item G1909 upon G3739 which G302 ever G2523 she should sit G1909 upon G1473 it, G169 it shall be unclean, G1510.8.3   G2596 according to G3588 the G167 uncleanness G3588   G855.2 of her menstruation. G1473