Judges 4:9

  9 G2532 And G2036 [2said G4314 3to G1473 4him G* 1Deborah], G4198 In going G4198 I will go G3326 with G1473 you. G4133 Except G1097 know G3754 that G3756 [3will not be G1510.8.3   G3588 1the G4385.2 2honor] G1473 yours G1909 in G3588 the G3598 way G3739 which G1473 you G4198 go; G3754 for G1722 by G5495 the hand G1135 of a woman G591 the lord will deliver up G2962   G3588   G* Sisera. G2532 And G450 Deborah rose up G*   G2532 and G4198 went G3326 with G3588   G* Barak G1537 from out of G* Kedesh.