Joshua 8:29

  29 G2532 And G3588 the G935 king G3588   G* of Ai G2910 he hung G1909 upon G3586 [2tree G1324 1a twin]. G2532 And G1510.7.3 he was G1909 upon G3588 the G3586 tree G2193 until G2540 the time G3588 of the G2073 evening. G2532 And G1931 at the setting G3588 of the G2246 sun G4929 Joshua gave orders, G*   G2532 and G2507 they lowered G3588   G4983 his body G1473   G575 from G3588 the G3586 tree, G2532 and G4495 they tossed G1473 him G1519 into G3588 the G998.1 cesspool G4314 before G3588 the G4439 gate G3588 of the G4172 city, G2532 and G2186 set over G1473 him G4987.2 [2heap G3037 3of stones G3173 1a large] G2193 until G3588   G2250 this day. G3778