Joshua 7:13

  13 G450 In rising up, G48 purify G3588 the G2992 people, G2532 and G2036 tell them G48 to be sanctified G1519 for G839 tomorrow! G3754 For G3592 thus G3004 says G2962 the lord G3588   G2316 God G* of Israel, G3588 The G331 offering devoted for consumption G1510.2.3 is G1722 among G1473 you, G* O Israel; G3756 you shall not G1410 be able G436 to withstand G561 before G3588   G2190 your enemies, G1473   G2193 until G302 whenever G1808 you should lift away G3588 the G331 offering for consumption G1537 from G1473 you.