Joshua 6:13

  13 G2532 And G3588 the G2033 seven G2409 priests, G3588 the ones G5342 bringing G3588 the G2033 seven G4536 [2trumpets G3588   G2413 1consecrated] G1725 before G2787 the ark G2962 the lord G4313 went forth, G2532 and G3588 the G2409 priests G4537 trumping G3588 the G4536 trumpets, G2532 and G3326 after G3778 these, G1531 there entered G3588 the G3163.3 ones for combat, G2532 and G3588 the G3062 remaining G3793 multitude G537 all together G3693 were behind G3588 the G2787 ark G3588 of the G1242 covenant G2962 of the lord, G4198 going G2532 and G4537 trumping G3588 with the G2768.4 horns.