Joshua 4:18

  18 G2532 And G1096 it came to pass G5613 as G1543.3 [3went up G3588 1the G2409 2priests], G3588 the ones G142 lifting G3588 the G2787 ark G3588 of the G1242 covenant G2962 of the lord, G1537 from G3319 the midst G3588 of the G* Jordan, G2532 that G5087 [3put G3588 4the G4228 5feet G3588 1the G2409 2priests] G1909 upon G3588 the G3584 dry land, G2532 and G3729 [5advanced G3588 1the G5204 2water G3588 3of the G* 4Jordan] G2596 according to G5561 place, G2532 and G4198 it went G2505 as G2532 also G5504 yesterday G2532 and G5154 the third G2250 day before, G1223 through G3650 all G3588   G2911.2 its bank. G1473