John 5:16-18

  16 G2532 And G1223 on account of G3778 this G1377 [3persecuted G3588   G* 4Jesus G3588 1the G* 2Jews], G2532 and G2212 sought G1473 to kill him; G615   G3754 for G3778 these things G4160 he did G1722 on G4521 a Sabbath.
  17 G3588   G1161 But G* Jesus G611 answered G1473 to them, G3588   G3962 My father G1473   G2193 [2until G737 3now G2038 1works], G2504 and I G2038 work.
  18 G1223 On account of G3778 this G3767 then G3123 more G2212 [3sought G1473 5him G3588 1the G* 2Jews G615 4to kill], G3754 for G3756 not G3440 only G3089 he untied G3588 the G4521 Sabbath, G235 but G2532 also G3962 [4father G2398 3his own G3004 1called G3588   G2316 2God], G2470 [3equal G1438 2himself G4160 1making] G3588 to G2316 God.