Job 28:15-19

  15 G3756 One shall not give G1325   G4787.4 an investment G473 for G1473 her, G2532 and G3756 shall not G2476 set G694 silver G465 as a bargain G1473 for her.
  16 G2532 And G3756 she shall not G4821.1 be compared with G5553 the gold G* of Ophir, G1722 with G3689.1 [2onyx G5093 1valuable] G2532 and G4552 sapphire.
  17 G3756 [4shall not G2473.1 5be equal G1473 6to her G5553 1Gold G2532 2and G5194 3glass], G2532 nor G3588   G235.1 [3 as barter G1473 4for her G4632 1items G5552 2of gold].
  18 G3349.2 Meteorites G2532 and G1041.2 crystal G3756 shall not G3403 be mentioned; G2532 but G1670 draw on G4678 wisdom G5228 above G3588 the G2081.1 innermost things .
  19 G3756 [3shall not G2473.1 4be equal G1473 5to her G5116 1 The topaz G* 2of Ethiopia]; G5553 [4gold G2513 3pure G3756 1she shall not G4821.1 2be compared with].