Job 16:12-14

  12 G1514 Making peace G1286.1 he effaced G1473 me; G2983 taking G1473 me G3588 by the G2864 hair of the head G1303.1 he plucked it out; G2525 he placed G1473 me G5618 as if G4649 an exemplar.
  13 G2944 They encircled G1473 me G3057 with lances, G906 casting G1519 into G3510 my kidney, G1473   G3756 not G5339 sparing; G1632 they poured out G1519 [2onto G3588 3the G1093 4earth G3588   G5521 1my bile]. G1473  
  14 G2598 They threw me down, G4430 downfall G1909 upon G4430 downfall; G5143 they ran G4314 against G1473 me G1410 prevailing;