Jeremiah 43:5-7

  5 G2532 And G2983 Johanan took, G*   G2532 and G3956 all G3588 the G2232 leaders G3588 of the G1411 force, G537 the whole G3588 of the G2645 rest G* of Judah, G3588 of the ones G654 returning G1537 from G3956 all G3588 of the G1484 nations G3739 which G1287 they were scattered G1563 there, G2730 to dwell G1722 in G3588 the G1093 land G* of Judah;
  6 G3588 the G1415 mighty G435 men, G2532 and G3588 the G1135 women, G2532 and G3588 the G3516 infants G3062 remaining, G2532 and G3588 the G2364 daughters G3588 of the G935 king, G2532 and G3588 the G5590 souls G3739 which G2641 [4left behind G*   G* 1Nabuzar-adan G3588 2the G749.3 3chief guard] G3326 with G* Gedaliah G5207 son G* of Ahikam, G2532 and G* Jeremiah G3588 the G4396 prophet, G2532 and G* Baruch G5207 son G* of Neriah.
  7 G2532 And G1525 they entered G1519 into G* Egypt, G3754 for G3756 they hearkened not to G191   G3588 the G5456 voice G2962 of the lord; G2532 and G1525 they entered G1519 into G* Tahpanhes.