Jeremiah 42:18

  18 G3754 For G3779 thus G2036 said G2962 the lord G3588 of the G1411 forces, G3588 the G2316 God G* of Israel, G2531 As G4712.1 [2dripped G3588   G2372 1my rage] G1473   G1909 upon G3588 the ones G2730 inhabiting G* Jerusalem, G3779 so G4712.1 shall [2drip G3588   G2372 1my rage] G1473   G1909 upon G1473 you, G1525 on your entering G1473   G1519 into G* Egypt. G2532 And G1510.8.5 you shall be G1519 for G4.2 an untrodden land, G2532 and G5297.2 under one's hands, G2532 and G1519 for G685 a curse, G2532 and G1519 for G3680 scorning; G2532 and G3766.2 in no way G1492 shall you behold G3765 any longer G3588   G5117 this place, G3778