Jeremiah 3:16

  16 G2532 And G1510.8.3 it will be G1437 if G4129 you should be multiplied, G2532 and G837 should grow G1909 upon G3588 the G1093 land, G3004 says G2962 the lord, G1722 in G3588   G2250 those days, G1565   G3756 they shall not G2046 say G2089 any more, G2787 Ark G1242 of the covenant G39 of holy G* Israel. G3756 It shall not G305 ascend G1909 upon G2588 the heart, G3761 nor G3687 be named, G3761 nor G1980 shall it be examined, G2532 and G3756 it shall not G4160 be done G2089 any more.