Jeremiah 3

  1 G1437 If G1821 [2should send away G435 1a husband] G3588   G1135 his wife, G1473   G2532 and G565 she should go forth G575 from G1473 him, G2532 and G1096 becomes G435 [2man G2087 1to another], G3361 shall G344 by returning G344 she return G4314 to G1473 him G2089 yet again ? G3756 Shall not G3392 by defiling G3392 [2be defiled G3588   G1135 1that woman]? G1565   G2532 But G1473 you G1608 fornicated G1722 with G4166 [2shepherds G4183 1many], G2532 and G344 you have returned G4314 to G1473 me, G3004 says G2962 the lord .
  2 G142 Lift G3588   G3788 your eyes G1473   G1519 unto G2117 the upright way, G2532 and G1492 see G4226 where G3780 you have not G1630.3 been defiled! G1909 [2upon G3588 3the G3598 4ways G2523 1You have sat] G1473 for them G5616 as G2884.3 a crowbar G2049 having been made desolate, G2532 and G3392 defiled G3588 the G1093 land G1722 in G3588   G4202 your harlotries, G1473   G2532 and G1722 in G3588   G2549 your evils. G1473  
  3 G2532 And G2192 you had G4166 [2shepherds G4183 1many] G1519 for G4348 your occasion for stumbling; G1473   G3799 the appearance G4204 of a harlot G1096 became to you; G1473   G527.5 you cast shame G4314 to G3956 all.
  4 G3756 Was it not G2193 until G3568 now G1473 you called me G2564   G2532 even, G3962 Father? G2532 and, G747 Head G3588   G3932 of your virginity? G1473  
  5 G3361 Shall G1265 it abide G1519 into G3588 the G165 eon, G2228 or G5442 shall it be guarded G1519 for G3534 victory? G2400 Behold, G2980 you spoke G2532 and G4160 did G3588   G4190 these evils, G3778   G2532 and G1410 have prevailed.
  6 G2532 And G2036 the lord said G2962   G4314 to G1473 me G1722 in G3588 the G2250 days G* of Josiah G3588 the G935 king, G1492 You saw G3739 what G4160 [4did G1473 5to me G3588 1the G2733 2house G3588   G* 3of Israel]. G4198 She went G1909 upon G3956 every G3735 [2mountain G5308 1high], G2532 and G5270 underneath G3956 every G3586 tree G251.2 of the woods, G2532 and G4203 she committed harlotry G1563 there.
  7 G2532 And G2036 I said G3326 after G3588   G4203 her committing harlotry G1473   G3778 all these things, G3956   G4314 [2to G1473 3me G390 1Turn]! G2532 And G3756 she turned not. G390   G2532 And G1492 [4saw G3588   G801.1 5her breach-of-contract G1473   G3588 1the G802 2 covenant-breaker G* 1Judah].
  8 G2532 And G1492 I beheld G1360 (for G4012 on account of G3956 all G473 of which G3739   G2638 she was overtaken G1722 by G1473 them G3429 [4committed adultery G3588 1the G2733 2house G3588   G* 3of Israel], G2532 and G1821 I sent her out G1473   G2532 and G1325 gave G1473 to her G975 a scroll G647 certificate of divorce G1519 into G3588   G5495 her hands) G1473   G2532 that G3756 [4feared not G5399   G3588 1the G802 2covenant-breaker G* 3Judah], G2532 and G4198 went G2532 and G4203 committed harlotry G2532 even G1473 herself.
  9 G2532 And G1096 [2was G1519 3nothing to her G3762   G3588   G4202 1her harlotry]; G1473   G2532 and G3431 she committed adultery G1519 with G3588 the G3586 wood G2532 and G3588 the G3037 stone.
  10 G2532 And G1722 in G3956 all G3778 these things G3756 [4turned not G1994   G4314 5to G1473 6me G3588 1the G802 2covenant-breaker G* 3Judah] G1537 with G3650 [2whole G3588   G2588 3heart G1473 1her], G235 but G1909 with G5579 a lie.
  11 G2532 And G2036 the lord said G2962   G4314 to G1473 me, G1344 [2justified G3588   G5590 3her soul G1473   G* 1Israel] G575 above G3588 the G802 covenant-breaker G* Judah.
  12 G4198 Go G2532 and G314 read G3588   G3056 these words G3778   G4314 towards G1005 the north! G2532 And G2046 you shall say, G1994 Return G4314 to G1473 me, G3588 O G2733 house G3588   G* of Israel, G3004 says G2962 the lord! G2532 And G3766.2 in no way G4741 shall I firmly fix G3588   G4383 my face G1473   G1909 against G1473 you. G3754 For G1655 [2merciful G1473 1I am], G1510.2.1   G3004 says G2962 the lord, G2532 and G3756 I shall not G3376.4 be infuriated G1473 with you G1519 into G3588 the G165 eon.
  13 G4133 Only G1097 know G3588   G93 your iniquity! G1473   G3754 For G1519 it is against G2962 the lord G3588   G2316 your God G1473   G764 you acted impious, G2532 and G1315.1 dispersed G3588   G3598 your ways G1473   G1519 unto G245 strangers G5270 underneath G3956 every G3586 tree G251.2 of the woods; G3588   G1161 but G5456 my voice G1473   G3756 you obeyed not, G5219   G3004 says G2962 the lord .
  14 G1994 Return, G5207 [2sons G868 1O revolting], G3004 says G2962 the lord! G1360 For G1473 I G2634 shall lord over G1473 you. G2532 And G2983 I shall take G1473 you, G1520 one G1537 from out of G4172 a city, G2532 and G1417 two G1537 from out of G3965 a family, G2532 and G1521 I will bring G1473 you G1519 into G* Zion.
  15 G2532 And G1325 I will appoint G1473 to you G4166 shepherds G2596 according to G3588   G2588 my heart, G1473   G2532 and G4165 they shall tend G1473 you, G4165 tending G3326 with G1989.1 higher knowledge.
  16 G2532 And G1510.8.3 it will be G1437 if G4129 you should be multiplied, G2532 and G837 should grow G1909 upon G3588 the G1093 land, G3004 says G2962 the lord, G1722 in G3588   G2250 those days, G1565   G3756 they shall not G2046 say G2089 any more, G2787 Ark G1242 of the covenant G39 of holy G* Israel. G3756 It shall not G305 ascend G1909 upon G2588 the heart, G3761 nor G3687 be named, G3761 nor G1980 shall it be examined, G2532 and G3756 it shall not G4160 be done G2089 any more.
  17 G1722 In G3588   G2250 those days G1565   G2532 and G1722 in G3588   G2540 that time G1565   G2564 they shall call G3588   G* Jerusalem, G2362 The throne G2962 of the lord; G2532 and G4863 shall be brought together G1519 unto G1473 her G3956 all G3588 the G1484 nations; G2532 and G3756 they shall not G4198 go G2089 any more G3694 after G3588 the G1760.1 [2thoughts G3588   G2588 3of their heart G1473   G3588   G4190 1wicked].
  18 G1722 In G3588   G2250 those days G1565   G4905 [4shall come together G3588 1the G3624 2house G* 3of Judah] G1909 with G3588 the G3624 house G3588   G* of Israel. G2532 And G2240 they shall come G2009.1 together G575 from G1093 the land G1005 of the north, G2532 and G575 from G3956 all G3588 the G5561 places G1909 upon G3588 the G1093 earth G3739 which G2624.1 I caused [2to inherit G3588   G3962 1their fathers]. G1473  
  19 G2532 And G1473 I G2036 said, G1096 May it be, G2962 O lord, G3754 for you said, G5021 I shall arrange G1473 you G1519 among G5043 children, G2532 and G1325 I shall give G1473 to you G1093 [2land G1588 1a choice] G2817 ( the inheritance G2316 of God G3841 almighty) G1484 of nations. G2532 And G2036 I said, G3962 [3father G2564 1you shall call G1473 2me]; G2532 and G575 [3from G1473 4me G3756 1you shall not G654 2be turned].
  20 G4133 Only G5613 as G114 [2annuls G1135 1a wife] G1519 against G3588 the G4895 one being with G1473 her, G3779 so G114 [4annulled G1519 5against G1473 6me G3588 1the G3624 2house G* 3of Israel], G3004 says G2962 the lord .
  21 G5456 A voice G1537 from G5491 the lips G191 was heard G2805 of weeping G2532 and G1162 supplication G5207 of the sons G* of Israel. G3754 For G91 they transgressed G1722 in G3588   G3598 their ways; G1473   G1950 they forgot G2316 God G39 their holy one. G1473  
  22 G1994 Turn! G5207 [2sons G1994 1O turning], G2532 and G2390 I shall heal G3588   G4938 your brokenness. G1473   G2400 Behold, G3592 thus G1473 we G1510.8.4 shall be G1473 to you, G3754 for G1473 you G2962 [2 the lord G3588   G2316 3our God G1473   G1510.2.2 1are].
  23 G3689 Really G1519 [9for G5579 10a lie G1510.7.6 8were G3588 1the G1015 2hills G2532 3and G3588 4the G1411 5powers G3588 6of the G3735 7mountains]. G4133 Only G1223 through G2962 the lord G3588   G2316 our God G1473   G3588 is the G4991 deliverance G3588   G* of Israel.
  24 G3588 But the G1161   G152 shame G2654 consumed G3588 the G3449 efforts G3588   G3962 of our fathers G1473   G575 from G3503 our youth; G1473   G3588   G4263 their sheep G1473   G2532 and G3588   G3448 their calves, G1473   G3588   G5207 their sons G1473   G2532 and G3588   G2364 their daughters. G1473  
  25 G2837 We were gone to bed G1722 in G3588   G152 our shame, G1473   G2532 and G1943 [2covered G1473 3us G3588   G819 1our dishonor]. G1473   G1360 For G1726 before G3588   G2316 our God G1473   G264 [4sinned G1473   G1473 1we G2532 2and G3588   G3962 3our fathers] G1473   G575 from G3503 our youth G1473   G2193 until G3588   G2250 this day, G3778   G2532 and G3756 we hearkened not G5219   G3588 of the G5456 voice G2962 of the lord G3588   G2316 our God. G1473