Jeremiah 20:10

  10 G3754 For G191 I heard G5589.2 the fault G4183 of many G4867 gathering together G2943 round about, saying, G1997.1 Rise up together against him! G2532 And, G1997.1 We should rise up together G1909 against G1473 him -- G3956 all G435 [2men G5384 3friends G1473 1his]. G5083 Give heed to G3588   G1963 his thought! G1473   G1487 if G538 he should be deceived, G2532 and G1410 we shall prevail G1473 against him, G2532 then G2983 we shall take G3588   G1557 our vengeance G1473   G1537 on G1473 him.