Isaiah 44:13

  13 G1586 [2having chosen G5045 1 The fabricator] G3586 a piece of wood G2476 sets G1473 it G1722 with G3358 a measure, G2532 and G3445 forms G1473 it G1722 with G3854.1 a scraper. G4160 He made G1473 it G1722 with G3855.1 a carpenter's square, G2532 and G1722 with G2853.1 glue G4503.3 he composes G1473 it. G2532 And G4160 he made G1473 it G5613 as G3444 the appearance G435 of a man, G2532 and G5613 as G5611.1 the beauty G444 of man G2476 he sets G1473 it G1722 in G3615.2 a niche;