Genesis 42:38

  38 G3588   G1161 And G2036 he said, G3756 [2shall not G2597 3go down G3588   G5207 1My son] G1473   G3326 with G1473 you, G3754 for G3588   G80 his brother G1473   G599 died, G2532 and G1473 he G3441 alone G2641 is left behind. G2532 And G4819 suppose it shall come to pass G1473 that he G3119.1 be infirm G1722 in G3588 the G3598 way G3739 which G302 ever G4198 you go, G2532 and G2609 you will lead G1473 me G3588   G1094 in old age G3326 with G3077 distress G1519 into G86 Hades.