Ezra 10:14

  14 G2476 Let [3stand G1211 1indeed G3588   G758 2our rulers] G1473   G3588   G3956 in every G1577 assembly! G2532 and G3956 to all G3588 the ones G1722 in G4172 our cities G1473   G3739 who G2523 settled with G1135 [2wives G245 1alien], G2064 let them come G1519 at G2540 [2times G575   G4928.1 1arranged], G2532 and G3326 with G1473 them G3588 the G4245 elders G4172 city G2532 by G4172 city, G2532 and G2923 judges! G3588   G654 to turn G3709 the anger G2372 of the rage G2316 of our God G1473   G1537 from G1473 us, G4012 on account of G3588   G4487 this matter. G3778