Ezekiel 32:27

  27 G2532 And G2837 they sleep G3326 with G3588 the G1095.2 giants G3588   G4098 having fallen G575 from G165 the eon, G3739 the ones who G2597 went down G1519 into G86 Hades G1722 with G3696 weapons G4170.1 of warfare; G2532 and G5087 they put G3588   G3162 their swords G1473   G5259 under G3588   G2776 their heads, G1473   G2532 and G1096 [2came G3588   G458 1their lawless deeds] G1473   G1909 upon G3588   G3747 their bones, G1473   G3754 for G1629 they were frightened G1095.2 giants G1722 during G3588   G2222 their life. G1473