Esther 1:6

  6 G2885 being adorned G1039 in fine linen, G2532 and G2589.3 cotton G5037.1 being stretched G1909 upon G4979 lines G1039 of fine linen G2532 and G4210 of purple, G1909 upon G2942.1 cube studs G5552 of gold G2532 and G693 silver, G1909 upon G4769 columns G* of Parian marble, G2532 and G3035 stones, G2825 with beds G5552 of gold G2532 and G693 silver G1909 upon G3038 a stone pavement G4664.1 of emerald G3037 stone, G2532 and G4094.1 mother of pearl, G2532 and G* Parian marble G3037 stone, G2532 and G4765.7 [2strewn beds G1307 1transparent G4164.4 4variously G1269.2 3being decorated],