Deuteronomy 1:41

  41 G2532 And G611 you answered G2532 and G2036 said G1473 to me, G264 We sinned G1725 before G2962 the lord G3588   G2316 our God; G1473   G1473 we, G305 in ascending, G4170 shall wage war G2596 according to G3956 all G3745 as much as G1781 [3gave charge G2962 1 the lord G3588   G2316 2our God] G1473   G1473 to us. G2532 And G353 [2taking up G1538 1each] G3588 the G4632 items G3588   G4170.1 for his warfare, G1473   G2532 and G4867 gathering together, G305 ascended G1519 into G3588 the G3735 mountain.