Acts 12:4-6

  4 G3739 whom G2532 also G4084 having laid hold of, G5087 put G1519 into G5438 prison, G3860 having delivered him up G5064 to four G5069 parties of four G4757 soldiers G5442 to guard G1473 him, G1014 wanting G3326 after G3588 the G3957 passover G321 to lead G1473 him G3588 to the G2992 people.
  5 G3588   G3303 Then indeed G3767   G* Peter G5083 was given heed to G1722 in G3588 the G5438 prison; G4335 [4prayer G1161 1and G1510.7.3 2there was G1618 3intense] G1096 taking place G5259 by G3588 the G1577 assembly G4314 unto G3588   G2316 God G5228 for G1473 him.
  6 G3753 And when G1161   G3195 [2was about G1473 3to lead him before them G4254   G3588   G* 1Herod] G3588 in G3571 that night, G1565   G1510.7.3 Peter was G3588   G*   G2837 sleeping G3342 between G1417 two G4757 soldiers, G1210 being bound G254 [2chains G1417 1with two]; G5441 and guards G5037   G4253 before G3588 the G2374 door G5083 kept G3588 the G5438 prison.