2 Samuel 11:1

  1 G2532 And G1096 it came to pass G1994 in the turning G3588 of the G1763 year G1519 into G3588 the G2540 time G3588 of the G1840.3 departure G3588 of the G935 kings for battle, G2532 that G649 David sent G*   G3588   G* Joab G2532 and G3588   G3816 his servants G1473   G3326 with G1473 him G2532 and G3956 all G3588   G* Israel; G2532 and G1311 they utterly destroyed G3588 the G5207 sons G* of Ammon, G2532 and G4027.2 they besieged G1909 against G* Rabbah. G2532 And G* David G2523 stayed G1722 in G* Jerusalem.