2 Peter 2:6-8

  6 G2532 and G4172 the cities G* of Sodom G2532 and G* Gomorrah G5077 having reduced to ashes G2692 [2by a final event G2632 1he condemned]; G5262 [2an example G3195 3for the ones being about G764 4to be impious G5087 1having set];
  7 G2532 and G1342 [2righteous G* 3Lot G2669 4being harassed G5259 5by G3588 6the G3588   G113 7unlawful ones G1722 8in G766 9lewdness G391 10of behavior, G4506 1he rescued],
  8 G990 (for by sight G1063   G2532 and G189 hearing, G3588 the G1342 righteous man G1460 dwelling G1722 among G1473 them, G2250 day G1537 by G2250 day G5590 [3soul G1342 2 his righteous G459 4 by their lawless G2041 5works G928 1tormented];)