2 Kings 8:1

  1 G2532 And G* Elisha G2980 spoke G4314 to G3588 the G1135 woman G3739 of whom G2227.2 [3was enlivened G3588 1the G5207 2son], G3004 saying, G450 Rise up G2532 and G4198 go, G1473 you G2532 and G3588   G3624 your household, G1473   G2532 and G3939 sojourn G3739 of which G1437 ever place G3939 you should want to sojourn! G3754 for G2962 the lord G2564 has called G3042 a famine G1909 upon G3588 the G1093 land; G2532 and G3918 it will be at hand G1909 upon G3588 the G1093 land G2033 for seven G2094 years.